You are what you eat! Even if you are a fish!

Aquarium Illusions is a strong believer in feeding fish a variety of high quality species specific foods. IE: If your fish is a herbivore, you should be feeding them with a variety of seaweeds. Feeding fish broccoli or lettuce is not the same as feeding Seaweed blends that come from their natural habitat sources.

Aquarium Illusions only sells the brands we test and use ourselves. There are many brands on the market, but not all are created equal. We carry a full selection of dry flake, pellet, freeze dried, and frozen foods. From Betta fish to large predators, we have the food to keep them healthy and thriving.

We are also promoters of giving your fish and coral additives that make up for any minerals or vitamins they miss from their diets. A healthy diet results in a healthy fish and ultimately longer life spans and less disease. Vitamins and additives are relatively inexpensive and some are concentrated so they provide good value.

Aquarium Illusions feeds the fish in their care (at maintenance accounts and in the store) a blend of , seaweed, flake and pellet supplemented with HUFA’s (fatty acids), vitamins and garlic.

Food Brands we carry are:

Piscine Energetics, Hikari, New Life Spectrum, OSI, Julian Sprung, Microbelift, San Francisco Bay, Argent, Ocean Nutrition, Marc Weiss, Selcon, Reef Culture Please let our experienced Service Representatives assist you in picking the proper diet for your fish.