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How to Cool Down your Fish Tank when it is too hot?

How to Cool Down your Fish Tank when it is too hot?

You wouldn't leave your dogs in a hot car ... fish are kinda the same. When its too hot in your house, your aquarium water will also heat up. There are some proactive measures to keep the water a reasonable temperature on those hot hot days.

Ways to Cool Aquarium Water
  1. Keep the aquarium lights turned off.
  2. Make sure the room does not receive direct sunlight. Close curtains or blinds even if light is not direct.
  3. Remove the hood and lid from the tank (use caution if your fish are jumpers). Replace with a sheet of egg crate (get it from your local hardware store, it's actually lighting grate but will assist in not losing jumpers)
  4. Open Cabinetry doors
  5. Place a fan so that it blows directly across the water.
  6. Float ice packs in the water.
  7. Be Proactive, take measures when you know we are having a heat wave.
  8. Make sure you have an accurate thermometer

It is also helpful to make sure the water is well oxygenated (add accessory air pump when temperature is a problem).

Note: keeping lights off is a balancing act when you have a Reef Aquarium, but you can certainly cut back on the length the lights are on per day. LED lights do not transmit a lot of heat like metal halide does. If you have metal halide lighting then you should consider installing a chiller or changing to LED. 

IDEAL Temperature Ranges for Aquariums:

Freshwater Tropical Fish: 77 - 83 degrees Fahrenheit 

Freshwater Fish with Live Plants: 77 - 80 degrees Fahrenheit

Freshwater Goldfish or Koi: 72 - 77 degrees Fahrenheit

Saltwater Fish Only Tanks: optimum is 79 - 80 degrees Fahrenheit (77 - 82 acceptable)

Saltwater Reef Tanks (with corals & invertebrates): optimum is 78 - 79 degrees Fahrenheit (77 - 80 acceptable)

Feel free to call us any time for advice. toll free 1-800-559-6546 or Local 780-483-7027


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