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Livestock Guarantee



It is our highest priority to get your livestock to you quickly and in the best of health. However, we need your assistance in receiving your shipments promptly and that you follow our Acclimation Procedures. We need to work together in the goal to make this a worry free and successful transfer.

Arrive Alive Guarantee for Livestock

Livestock shipments shipped by Air Freight or Overnight Courier have Arrive Alive under the following conditions:

  • For Airline Deliveries: Shipment is picked up at the airport within 2 hours of air freight arriving to destination
  • For Overnight Courier Deliveries: Shipment must be accepted on first delivery attempt
  • The livestock must be properly acclimated (as per our instructions)
  • Any DOA losses (dead on arrival) must be reported to us by phone call or email within 4 hours from receipt of goods. Losses must be confirmed with digital images sent to us via email. If calling after hours, please confirm your time of call in your voice message. If leaving voice message also provide email with digital images attached.
  • An Online Credit or Replacement will be issued to you for the original cost of the individual livestock(shipping and packaging costs excluded).
  • IMPORTANT CORAL NOTE: It is common for coral to lose its color, have retracted polyps, and discharge excess slime for a period of up to 1 week. Because of this, we require digital images to be sent to us with the 4 hours as stated above. You must keep the coral in proper water conditions until we verify that it is not shipping stress that is causing the coral to appear dead.
  • IMPORTANT INVERT NOTE: Proper acclimation procedures and water perimeters are crucial to successful invertebrate orders.

Livestock Shipping Exclusions or Exceptions:

  • Livestock death/damage due to carrier mishandling or delays must be claimed through carrier
  • Arrive Alive guarantee applies to Air Cargo Guaranteed Service only or Express Next Day Courier Service
  • Pick up timelines must be met in order to be eligible for arrive alive guarantee
  • No returns, or exchanges allowed for livestock orders
  • Dry goods can be sent with your livestock shipment if space and configuration allows


Aquarium Illusions stands behind our livestock health even further by providing our valued customers with an unprecedented … 7 Day Livestock Warranty on our Saltwater Fish, Corals, and Freshwater Tropical Fish

In the event of Fish or Coral loss, the Warranty is as follows:

  • We must be notified immediately upon noticing the loss. If it is after hours, notify us by email with a picture of dead fish or coral skeleton attached. Also provide details such as your name, order number and date/time of loss. OR, if during store front hours you can give us a call.
  • Online Orders:  Do not discard the dead specimen until we have confirmed your warranty (on a rare occasion you may be required to send fish, skeleton and/or water sample to us).  If we ask for a water sample it is to trouble shoot any water quality issues that could cause further problems with existing livestock or your replacement livestock.
  • Our Acclimation Procedures must be followed. Improper acclimation will likely result in undo livestock stress and/or loss
  • Warranty will be in way of livestock replacement or livestock credit (credit can only be used for livestock). Warranty is for livestock only, shipping or packaging costs not included.
  • The warranty only applies to the original livestock purchase. We do not warranty the replacement fish.
  • Death due to aggression from tank mates voids the warranty (please feel free to ask our advice on compatibility)
  • Invertebrates, Anenomes, Clams, Wrasses, Specialty Orders and Pond fish are not included in the Livestock Warranty (this is due to their sensitive nature)
  • No extensions beyond the 7 Day Warranty period
  • Arrive alive receipt of shipment timelines must be met (IE: delivery successful on first attempt, prompt pickup from airline)
  • Tanks that are not regularly maintained (min 1 per month freshwater and 2 times per month saltwater) will not be eligible for livestock warranty. Water test results need to be verified to have warranty granted (tests results being consistent of a balanced aquarium). Besides poor water quality, overfeeding, overdosing, aggression, heat fluctuations, improper acclimation, and incompatibility are all common reasons for fish loss that an aquarium owner should be mindful of. 
  • Unfortunately, we have seen people bring in tap water samples. Testing results not consistent with aquarium water will not be eligible for warranty. 
  • If client failed to qualify for Arrive Alive Guarantee due to delayed acceptance of package, there will be no 7 Day Warranty on the livestock.

We ask that you would kindly not add any fish from other sources within the same time period as Aquarium Illusions fish. We take the extra measures of quarantining our fish before we sell them to ensure our valued customers get the healthiest livestock possible. Adding our quarantined fish in close time period to fish that haven’t been quarantined will put your healthy fish at risk and will void any warranty for our fish.

Definition of True Quarantine is:  An entire shipment of fish held in an independently filtered systems until they are adjusted to aquarium atmosphere, healthy, eating, and free of any parasite or disease. Each fish shipment is in total isolation from coming into contact with other shipments. Fish must pass our Health Check Certification. Our corals are dipped and acclimated to the aquarium environment before release for sale.

Our Health Check Certification:  Your livestock have been approved for sale based on these parameters …

  • Fish swimming normally & active
  • Fish eating
  • Fish with no visible sign of disease or parasite
  • Corals with healthy polyp extension
  • Corals with no visible sign of coral disease

Thank you to those who value the measures we take to provide the best in livestock care and are loyal to only adding healthy livestock to their valuable systems. 

NOTE: Coral coloration may vary on some corals based on species variety or lighting spectrum. Contact for confirmation if wanting a WYSIWYG image.


If you have any questions or concerns, please call us Toll Free 1-800-559-6546 or EMAIL US at

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