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Want easy low maintenance Corals or are you a beginner to the reef keeping hobby? Then Soft Corals are for you. They come in many species to choose from. They are a great addition to any saltwater reef tank. For the beginner, start out with some “easier” to keep corals that are going to be a bit more forgiving while you learn the ins and outs of maintaining a tank. The species we carry are hardy, easy to care for, affordable, can survive most water quality issues and still provide an incredible amount of beauty. One further benefit to these species is they will populate quickly, and thus fill your tank with life and color sooner than many tough to maintain species. Note: Colors of Corals may vary depending upon varieties within species and lighting spectrum

Soft Colonies
    •  Blue Sympodium Polyp
    • Blue Sympodium Polyp

      Blue Sympodium Polyp (Sympodium sp.) 2-3"

      C$110.00 C$93.50
    •  Colt Coral Frag
    • Colt Coral Frag

      Colt Coral (Klyxum sp.) 6-8"

      C$25.00 C$21.25
    •  Devils Hand 2-3"
    • Devils Hand 2-3"

      Devils Hand 2-3"

      C$45.00 C$38.25
    •  Green Finger Leather
    • Green Finger Leather

      Green Finger Leather (Sinularia sp.) 3-4"

      C$75.00 C$63.75
    •  Green Star Polyp - Large
    • Green Star Polyp - Large

      Green Star Polyp - Large - Pachyclavularia spp. 10-12"

      C$100.00 C$85.00
    •  Green Star Polyp - Small
    • Green Star Polyp - Small

      Green Star Polyp - Small - Pachyclavularia spp. 5-6" rock

      C$55.00 C$46.75
    •  Kenya Tree Coral
    • Kenya Tree Coral

      Kenya Tree Coral (Capnella sp.) 3-4"

      C$35.00 C$29.75
    •  Magician Palythoa Colony
    • Magician Palythoa Colony

      Magician Palythoa Frag, 4-5 polyps

      C$150.00 C$127.50
    •  Mushroom Coral, Red 3-5
    • Mushroom Coral, Red 3-5

      Mushroom Coral, Red 3-5''

      C$70.00 C$59.50
    •  Neon Green Cabbage Leather 4-6"
    • Neon Green Cabbage Leather 4-6"

      Neon Green Cabbage Leather(Sinularia brassica) 4-6''

      C$70.00 C$59.50
    •  Pulsing Xenia Colony 2-3"
    • Pulsing Xenia Colony 2-3"

      Pulsing Pom Pom Coral, (Cespitularia sp)

      C$50.00 C$42.50
    •  Pulsing Xenia Frag 1-2"
    • Pulsing Xenia Frag 1-2"

      Pulsing Xenia (Xenia elongata)

      C$20.00 C$17.00
    •  Rhodactis Hairy Mushroom lg
    • Rhodactis Hairy Mushroom lg

      Rhodactis Hairy Mushroom, Green (Rhodactis indosinensis) 10-12 leaf

      C$80.00 C$68.00
    •  Spaghetti Finger Leather Coral
    • Spaghetti Finger Leather Coral

      Spaghetti Finger Leather Coral (Sinularia flexibilis) 3-4''

      C$70.00 C$59.50
    • placeholder imageToadstool Leather Large Sale
    • Toadstool Leather Large

      Toadstool Leather Large, 10-12"

      C$100.00 C$85.00

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