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    • Fluval Fluval 55 Starter Kit
    • Fluval 55 Starter Kit

      <p>Fluval 55 Gallon Starter Kit</p>

      C$374.95 C$318.71
    •  90 Gallon
    • 90 Gallon

      Get a Fish Tank that your friends will envy. 90 gallon fresh water tank

    • Fluval Fluval EVO 2.0 Black
    • Fluval EVO 2.0 Black

      Fluval EVO 2.0 Black

      C$179.99 C$152.99
    •  Ocellaris Clownfish
    • Ocellaris Clownfish

      Its beautiful orange body dressed with white bands outlined in black instantly distinguishes the Ocellaris Clownfish. This member of the Pomacentridae family is an excellent addition to almost any saltwater aquarium system. 

    •  Ultra Grade Rock Flower Anemone
    • Ultra Grade Rock Flower Anemone

      Ultra Grade Rock Flower Anemone, assorted colours. If you are looking for a specific colour please contact us directly for availability.

      C$65.00 C$52.00
    • Fluval Fluval 45 Bow Starter Kit
    • Fluval 45 Bow Starter Kit

      <p>Fluval 45 Gallon Bowfront Starter Kit</p>

      C$333.08 C$283.12
    • Fluval Fluval Sea EVO XII
    • Fluval Sea EVO XII

      Fluval SEA EVO Marine Aquarium Kit - 13.5 gallons

      C$204.95 C$174.21
    •  Premium Fiji Live Rock
    • Premium Fiji Live Rock

      Premium Fiji Live Rock - sold by lb

    • Red Sea Red Sea Reefer 250 - Black
    • Red Sea Reefer 250 - Black

      Red Sea Reefer 250 Complete System - Black

    •  Royal Gramma Basslet
    • Royal Gramma Basslet

      The Royal Gramma Basslet is a bright purple colored contrasted by a vibrant yellow, which makes it very eye catching in a reef tank. It is a highly sought after fish due to the bright colors and easy care.

    •  Red Lizard Pleco
    • Red Lizard Pleco

      Red Lizard Whiptail (L-10A) Plecostomus

    •  Coral Beauty Angelfish
    • Coral Beauty Angelfish

      Very common on the Great Barrier Reef, the Coral Beauty Angelfish is also known as the Twospined or Dusky Angelfish.

    •  Emerald Crab
    • Emerald Crab

      Emerald Crab (Mithraculus sculptus)

      C$16.00 C$12.80
    •  Banggai Cardinal - Tank Bred
    • Banggai Cardinal - Tank Bred

      Banggai Cardinalfish is a very attractive fish . Its overall body coloration is a shimmering silver, highlighted with pearly white spots. Bold, black stripes.

    •  Yellow Tang - Hawaii
    • Yellow Tang - Hawaii

      With its oval-shaped, vibrant yellow body, Zebrasoma flavescensbrightens any marine system. The Yellow Hawaiian Tang is an active swimmer that will glide throughout your aquarium in near constant motion, acting as an aquarium tour guide of sorts to any on

    •  Yellow Watchman Goby
    • Yellow Watchman Goby

      The Yellow Watchman Goby wears an amusing perpetual frown, and likes to peek out from behind rocks. They have been known to form symbiotic relationships with pistol shrimp.


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