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Freshwater Medication
    • Ruby Reef Ruby Reef Rally 2L
    • Ruby Reef Rally 2L

      RALLY ™ is safe for reef, marine, freshwater and planted aquaria.
      RALLY ™ is a copper free aquarium pharmaceutical for the control and elimination of external parasites especially dinoflagellates, flukes, and pathogenic bacteria (e.g. marine velvet, clow

    •  API Melafix 473 ml (16 oz)
    • API Melafix 473 ml (16 oz)

      Melafix is an all-natural medication derived from the leaves of "melaleuca," the scientific name for the tea tree. University studies and extensive laboratory tests showed that melafix is an effective bacterial remedy for freshwater and marine fish. It he

    • Pond Solutions Hikari  Ich X 16oz
    • Hikari Ich X 16oz

      Hikari Pond Solutions Ich X 473 ml (16 oz)

    • Kordon Kordon Malachite Green 4oz
    • Kordon Malachite Green 4oz

      Kordon's Malachite Green is an effective medication used for the control of various external parasites of freshwater and marine fishes.

    • Ruby Reef Kick Ick - 2L
    • Kick Ick - 2L

      KICK-ICH™ is a copper free water treatment for the control and elimination of ich (a.k.a. “whitespot disease”) on marine and freshwater fish. It has been scientifically formulated to treat the infectious stage of the ich lifecycle while being safe for all

    • Kordon Kordon Rid-Metal 4 oz
    • Kordon Rid-Metal 4 oz

      - Instantly detoxifies Lead, Copper & Zinc  
      - Works in both fresh and saltwater tanks
      - Is safe with invertebrates
      - Works well with Amquel Plus
       Made in USA

    • Kordon Kordon Fish Therapy 4 oz
    • Kordon Fish Therapy 4 oz

      Kordon Fish Therapy is a quick & effective 15-minute curative fish bath. Safe when used as directed for all freshwater and saltwater fish. Allows treatment of a single symptomatic fish rather than stressing the entire aquarium.


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