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Acclimation Instructions

Acclimation Instructions


Aquarium Illusions has taken extra measures to ensure you are taking home healthy livestock. Fish are not released for sale until they have passed our health checks & are eating. Our Corals & Invertebrates are carefully acclimated and adapted to the aquarium environment before they are sold. 
To ensure their continued success: 
We need you to … follow the same strict Acclimation Procedures. 
We need you to … be prepared for the addition of new livestock with the proper water chemistry, proper lighting & compatible tank mates.

* See bottom of this page for Optimual Water Parameters 


NOTE: Fish & Invertebrates need to be acclimated in separate containers and never together.
1. Turn off your aquarium lights (reduces stress and rapid temperature increase), and float the unopened bag for 15-20 minutes to equalize the temperature in the bag with that of your aquarium.
2. Prepare a container to use as your acclimation drip container. Container should be clean, dry and void of any contaminants (such as soap residue). Use a pail that has been sterilized with hot water after each use. You may use the shipping styrofoam container. The water should always be deep enough in this container for the fish to swim upright. Get your drip line set up & ready to go.
3. Open the bag and gently release water & fish into the acclimation container.
4. Set up a slow drip with your prepared drip line (approximately 2 drops per second) from your aquarium to the acclimation container.
5. Add Kordon Amquel Water Conditioner into the acclimation container as per bottle instructions. This is to help detoxify the ammonia levels in the shipping water.
6. Run the slow drip for 1 hour. Keep a watchful eye out for fighting or signs of stress or dying. *See note below on time exceptions.
7. After 1 hour, if your container is too full, you may remove half of the water from the acclimation container. Increase the drip rate to a fast trickle for an additional 1/2 hour. Do not add the drip water to your aquarium.
8. Compare the PH, Temperature, & Salinity in the acclimation container to the tank water. If within .05 – 1.0 pt, it is safe to add the fish or invertebrate to the tank now.
9. Remove the fish or invertebrate from the container and add the new livestock to your aquarium. Dispose of the acclimation drip water, do not add that water to your aquarium.
10. Leave your aquarium lights off for at least 12 hours. This will allow the new arrival time to adjust to its new home and will help reduce harassment and aggression from your existing animals.
NOTE: If acclimating sensitive animals (such as: nudibranchs, cucumbers, echinoderms), increase the acclimation procedure. Longer acclimation is better.

Just like with fish acclimation, it is very important to be prepared for your coral shipment. Test your water beforehand and perform your regular maintenance water changes. Make sure your Calcium, Alkalinity, Salinity, pH, etc. are all proper for keeping coral. Our coral is kept at salinity levels ranging from 1.024 – 1.026. Make sure your tank is within these levels.
1. Turn off your aquarium lights and float the Coral bags in your aquarium for approximately 15-20 minutes for the temperature to equalize. Turning off the lights will reduce shock to the corals and will also prevent the temperature in the bags exceeding tank temperature. After you are finished floating the bags, you can turn the aquarium lights back on.
2. Prepare an acclimation bucket or container that is the appropriate size to ensure the coral will fit properly while staying submersed at all time. The container must be clean and sterile.
3. Mix 4 capfuls of Julian Sprungs ReVive Coral Cleaner per gallon of clean saltwater in a bucket or other container suitable for bathing the coral.
4. Open the bag and gently remove the coral and place in the prepared dipping water from Step 3. Wash coral in this mixture for a few minutes while gently swirling it or use an air stone for agitation.
5. After the bath, remove coral from ReVive/saltwater mixture and place it in a saltwater aquarium with moderate water flow. Never keep the coral in the bath mixture for longer than 15 minutes. Approximately 2-3 minutes is sufficient.
6. Place the coral in the position that is appropriate for its lighting & flow needs.
7. The ReVive/saltwater may be used again for cleaning several corals, but it should be discarded after 1 hour of use. Never pour this dip water into your aquarium, it must get discarded.
NOTE: Do not dip Sponges, they will turn white if exposed to oxygen. They will need to be floated with aquarium light off. Add your tank water to the bag water in quantities of approximately 1 cup every 10 minutes until the bag is about 3/4 full. Gently pull the Sponge out of the bag, while the bag is submersed. Try to limit the amount of water that escapes from the bag. Place the sponge in appropriate position & flow without ever exposing it to the air.


No refund for any deaths that occurs during or after your acclimation process.



Optimum SALTWATER Parameters
PH:  8.2 – 8.3                
Temp: 25 – 26 C (78-79 F)
Salinity: Reef @ 1.024 – 1.026   Fish Only @ 1.018 – 1.020  (Note: If Inverts are present in fish only systems, salinity needs to higher 1.024 – 1.026)
Ammonia: 0              
Nitrite: 0 – 0.1              
Nitrate:  Reef @  0 – 5    Fish Only @  0 – 10 
Calcium: 450 – 500ppm
Hardness: 160-200meq/l - 8-10Dkh     
Phosphate:  Reef @  0 – .1   Fish Only @  0 – .50

FRESHWATER Fish Only COMMUNITY Tank                                      FRESHWATER fish Only AFRICAN Cichlid

 PH 6.5 – 7.5     Ammonia 0      Nitrite 0        Nitrate 5 – 50                        PH 7.5 – 8.2     Ammonia 0      Nitrite 0     Nitrate 5 – 50
Temp. 77 – 83       Hardness 0 – 70          Phos. 0 – 0.25                          Temp. 77 – 83      Hardness 110 – 180    Phos. 0 – 0.25

FRESHWATER Fish Only KOI or GOLDFISH                                       FRESHWATER with Live PLANTS

 PH 7.0 – 8.2    Ammonia 0      Nitrite 0            Nitrate 5 – 50                     PH 7.0 – 8.0    Ammonia 0      Nitrite 0    Nitrate 5 – 20
Temp. 72 – 77              Hardness 70 – 120      Phos. 0 – 0.25                     Temp. 77 – 80     Hardness 70 – 110      Phos. 0 – 0.25
Salinity for pond fish:   0 – 1.004

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