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Tank Relocations

Whether you are moving an aquarium 10’ or to another city, Aquarium Illusions can assist you. We offer a wide range of relocation services and will adapt our services to meet your needs for a less stressful move for you and your fish. You can have us coordinate and orchestrate the whole move, or we can assist you with parts of it.
Aquarium Illusions has been moving all sizes and types of aquariums since 1996. We have all the equipment and materials to move your tank and livestock effectively and efficiently. Any move is stressful on the fish, but a well coordinated move can make all the difference in the health of your fish.
Tank Relocations need to be scheduled a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.
Relocation Service Options:
Let Us Handle it for You:
We supply all equipment, manpower and transportation to relocate the entire system from one location to another. Livestock is moved quickly and with great care to minimize stress. We will come in and tear down the system, move it to the new location, and set it back up again. In most situations, we can have your fish swimming in their tank again within a few hours.
We Prep, You Move:
There are times when people choose to move their own tanks but want assistance with prepping & packing the system. In this case, our Technicians will perform the following duties: drain the system, pack the fish in oxygen rich bags & styrofoam containers, disconnect the filtration system, disconnect all accessory equipment, remove and pack substrate in containers of your choice, remove and pack the ornamentation, and shrink wrap tank, lids & stand.
Be Prepared for your Move:
Aquarium Illusions carries Insurance to cover your aquarium in the unlikely chance it is damaged in the move. We can assure you that your fish will be handled in such a way to lower stress, however due to their fragile nature, we cannot guarantee fish loss or stress related disease following the move.
To minimize stress on the fish, here are some steps you can take prior to the move:

Test your water and know the condition of your tank. Healthy water parameters make all the difference in a healthy uneventful move for your fish. If your tank is unbalanced, please consult us for advice or have our Professional Maintenance Technicians get it in shape prior to the move (It normally takes more than 1 service to get unstable water balanced again, allow us to tend to your tank at least 1 month prior to the move.
Follow a regular water change maintenance routine leading up to the move for a period of 1 – 3 months. If your aquarium is saltwater, change 10 – 20% of the water weekly. If your aquarium is freshwater, change 20% biweekly (also perform a gravel vacuum to remove decaying debris the gravel).
Do not change out your filter media for 1 month prior to the move. If you need to rinse it, use aquarium water. We want to preserve as much healthy bacteria that is colonized on the media as possible.
Do not feed your fish the day before and the day of the move (this helps to prevent excretions in the moving containers and ammonia spikes.
Do not turn on the aquarium lights on the morning of the move.
Add fish stress water additives to the water a couple days leading up to the move, and daily for a week following the move. This will help to thicken and/or maintain their slime coat during high stress times.
Add healthy bacteria water additives for a week following the move. Seachem Stability is an effective product for this.
If you are using RO water for your aquarium, make sure there is an appropriate supply waiting at the new location. If this is not possible, Aquarium Illusions can make arrangements for a water supply company to deliver the appropriate amount.
If possible, premixed salt water should be waiting at the new location (saltwater systems only).
When possible, Aquarium Illusions transports your tank water with them. They have holding vessels for this purpose, but some moves are not conducive to transporting water (IE: winter months, apartments, poor water quality, etc)
Be prepared to instruct our technicians where you want the system placed in your new location. If you will not be present, please leave us clear instructions beforehand.
Test wall receptacles for active power prior to the move.
Inform Aquarium Illusions of the type of floor surface the tank will be placed on so we can come prepared, or have the floor prepared prior to the move. IE: Some floor considerations are: Is the floor beneath the tank level? If the floor is tile, plywood should be placed beneath the stand, if the flooring has been cut away, have the dimensions been double checked so that the stand will slip in as planned?
Inform Aquarium Illusions beforehand if any new installation parts are anticipated. Such as: plumbing parts that will need to be cut out & replaced, foam or plywood installation, new gravel, or media, etc.

If you are moving the fish tank prior to moving in yourself, be prepared to visit the tank a minimum of once a day to check on your fish (if you see scratching/flashing or white spots, you can treat sooner than later).
Be careful not to overfeed in the weeks after the move. Moves create a disturbance in healthy bacteria colonies and you want to give the system time to recharge without putting extra biological needs on the system.Test your water daily for a week or two following the move. You will want to watch the Ammonia & Nitrite test results for any evidence of any spikes in levels.

Please call our Maintenance Service Department for a quote on complete or partial relocation services. Call 780-483-7027


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