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Products tagged with goby fish
    •  Clown Goby, Citrinis
    • Clown Goby, Citrinis

      The Citrinis Clown Goby, also known as the Citron or Citrin Goby, hey are usually found among soft and hard coral colonies.

    •  Firefish Goby
    • Firefish Goby

      It is a magnificent fish with brilliant coloration, a unique body shape, and unparalleled personality. The Firefish is one of the more popular fish in the marine hobby.

    •  Yellow Clown Goby, Okinawae
    • Yellow Clown Goby, Okinawae

      Its vibrant body color, the active and peaceful Yellow Clown Goby is often seen perched on live rock or coral right out in the open or hovering in the water column in plain view for hobbyists to enjoy.

    •  Six Spot White Sleeper Goby
    • Six Spot White Sleeper Goby

      Sixspot Sleeper Goby also known as the Ladder Glider, Ladder Goby, or sleeper blue dot goby , has a white body with bright blue spots under the eyes and mouth.

    •  Golden Head Sleeper Goby
    • Golden Head Sleeper Goby

      Sleeper Gold Head Goby, is known by many names including the Pennant Glider, Yellowheaded or Golden Head Sleeper, or Blueband, Bluestreak, or Yellowheaded Sleeper Goby.

    •  Rainfordi Goby
    • Rainfordi Goby

      The body is green and blue with horizontal orange stripes running the entire length of the body. The Rainfordi Goby is very timid and peaceful and is a great addition to the reef or fish only aquarium.

    •  Hector's Goby
    • Hector's Goby

      Hector's Goby, also known as Hector's Hover Goby, has a bluish-black body with bright yellow horizontal stripes and an eyespot on the dorsal fin.


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