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What is Red Slime Algae and How to Get Rid of It

What is Red Slime Algae and How to Get Rid of It

If you have Red Slime Algae in your tank you will want to take immediate measures to get on top of it. We can provide some instruction on that

Red Slime (Cyanobacteria)

Description:  Fine filaments that form encrusting tissue-paper-like growths on rock, sand, gravel, and corals.


  • Elevated nutrient levels
  • Poor circulation
  • Lighting

Solutions:   Siphon surface.  Increase circulation by adding powerheads to system to prevent any dead flow spots. Use only actinic spectrum lighting for 24-48 hours to decrease growth. Elevate alkalinity to 105-125 mg/L.  Chemicals: Boyd’s Chemiclean Red Slime Remover.  Medications will help get rid of cyanobacteria quickly, but you should still address the reasons it occurred and follow long-term solutions.



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