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Neptune Systems
    • Neptune Systems Apex Flow Monitoring Kit 1"
    • Apex Flow Monitoring Kit 1"

      This flow sensor connects to the FMM, monitors the flow of water through the device, and then reports it back to your Apex via the FMM. This sensor is most often used to measure the flow in the main return line of a standard-sized aquarium.

    • Neptune Systems Apex DOS
    • Apex DOS

      A multi-purpose dosing and fluid delivery system of uncompromising quality combined with the simplicity of Apex Fusion software wizards for operations such as:
      2-part dosing (Calcium and Alkalinity)
      Other additives dosing
      Automatic water changes

    • Neptune Systems Apex Automatic Feeding System
    • Apex Automatic Feeding System

      Features of the Automatic Feeding System – AFS:

      Feeds pellet or flake food in varying amounts
      Apex can be set so that the AFS will feed from one time to as many times as you like throughout the day
      Connects via the Apex AquaBus
      “Stay-dry” system has

    • Neptune Systems Apex Optical Sensor with Magnetic Mount
    • Apex Optical Sensor with Magnetic Mount

      Whether for your ATO reservoir, to use as a sump-high alert, or for your long term water storage such as a brute container, these optical sensors plugin into the FMM. In standalone use when used in your ATO reservoir (plugged into port-4), the FMM will st

    • Neptune Systems Apex IO Breakout Box
    • Apex IO Breakout Box

      When connected to the I/O Port of your Apex, Apex Lite, or PMx module, the Breakout Box gives you an easy way to connect up to six external switch inputs to your Apex. Examples of things you might connect in this manner include:

      – Float Switches for su

    • Neptune Systems Neptune Standalone 110v Practical Multi-purpose Utility Pump
    • Neptune Standalone 110v Practical Multi-purpose Utility Pump

      The PMUP is a 24VDC submersible pump that was designed to directly connect to the DC24 accessory ports on either the 1Link module OR the same ports on the new Energy Bar 832. If you own our WAV powerheads or our new Apex, then you have a place to plug it

    • Neptune Systems Apex Magnetic Probe Rack
    • Apex Magnetic Probe Rack

      Features – MPR:
      Organizes up to four probes
      Designed specifically for the Apex Controller probes
      Built with an all acrylic weather and shatter resistant design
      Secured with Neodymium magnets that will hold through up to 1/2″ thick sumps

    • Neptune Systems Apex Variable Speed Dimming
    • Apex Variable Speed Dimming

      With this module, you can outfit your Apex System with the ability to control many different brands of LED lights…from those that use the common 0-10V interface to the more complex like those that use a serial port connection such as the Aqua Illumination

    • Neptune Systems Apex Temperature Probe
    • Apex Temperature Probe

      Long-life Temperature Probe
      •Proprietary design and construction ensures longer life
      •Purchase extra temperature probe when monitoring salinity with PM2 to obtain even better accuracy.

    • Neptune Systems Apex Lunar Simulator Module
    • Apex Lunar Simulator Module

      With the Apex and the LSM – Lunar Simulator Module, you can load in the entire year’s lunar cycle data and your moonlight LED will dim and brighten according to the true lunar cycle. This has been shown to benefit spawning cycles in some tank organisms.

    • Neptune Systems Apex Leak Detection Solid
    • Apex Leak Detection Solid

      With the ALD you can immediately solve one of the biggest issues around having an aquarium. Now, even when you are away from home, your Apex can alert you when: Your ATO sticks and you overflow the sump, your external overflow leaks, a seam starts leaking

    • Neptune Systems Apex Leak Detection Low Profil
    • Apex Leak Detection Low Profil

      Use this probe in combination with the ALD module. The probe is low-profile so it slips easily under carpet; hiding it away, but giving you the peace of mind of leak detection. Easily plugs into the ALD with a modular RJ11 connection.

    • Neptune Systems Apex Double Junction Probe
    • Apex Double Junction Probe

      Double junction probes place a second vessel inside the main electrolyte with a second internal junction. The means that even when the aquarium water eventually begins to make its way in the first compartment, it still has to go through the second junctio

    • Neptune Systems 2 Channel Apex to Light Cable
    • 2 Channel Apex to Light Cable

      2 Channel Cable to connect two separate LED color channels from your 0-10V dimmable LED light to the Apex System or the Advanced LED Dimming Module – VDM. This cable has a RJ45 plug on one end and bare wires on the other that must be connected in the mann

    • Neptune Systems Apex Auto Top Off Kit
    • Apex Auto Top Off Kit

      Neptune Systems Automatic Top Off Kit

    • Neptune Systems Apex DOS Dual Dosing Res
    • Apex DOS Dual Dosing Res

      This attractive fluid containment system stores your dosing fluids in style and tells you when it’s time to refill!
      Each side stores two liters (2L) of fluid
      Connects directly to your DŌS
      Optical sensors inform your APEX when levels are low

    • Neptune Systems Apex Conductivity Probe
    • Apex Conductivity Probe

      Salinity / Conductivity Probe – Lab Grade
      Start measuring salinity in your tank and get alerts when out of range

      Buy this probe if you are:
      – Replacing an old probe
      – Adding salinity monitoring to your system via a PM

      Lab quality probe w/10` cabl

    • Neptune Systems Apex Optical Level Sensor
    • Apex Optical Level Sensor

      One simple connection links the DDR to the DŌS. No worries about fooling around with loose wires, float switches, etc. Just plug it in and it will show up in your Apex Fusion Dashboard.

    • Neptune Systems Apex 4m Tubing
    • Apex 4m Tubing

      The DŌS comes standard with 4m of clear tubing. The ATK comes standard with 4m of orange tubing.

      Many customers have been asking to purchase more tubing. We now have an available accessory — a 16-meter and 4- meter length of the tubing designed specif


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